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Epoxy is a tough, stable material that serves as a concrete floor sealant.The epoxy finish is extremely hard and resistant to friction. It also provides optimum protection against particle abrasion, corrosive fluids, turbulence, heat, cold, and impact forces. Epoxy is resistant to diluted acids, alkalies, petroleum products, and condensation.

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Epoxy Coatings are generally used on concrete floors and walls such as warehouses, painting workshops, garages, factory floors and other commercial areas exposed to light and medium traffic.


• Environmentally friendly
• Floors and walls are durable and hard wearing
• Visually appealing
• Available in a variety of different colour collections
• Epoxy surfaces are easy to clean, smooth and glossy
• Easy and quick application
• Safe as they are slip, heat and impact resistant
• Resistant to chemicals
• Cost effective


A. Surface Preparation
This is essentially the most important phase of the epoxy floor coating project. A well planned surface preparation will help secure a good bonding between the substrate and the coating system. Good surface preparation will remove laitance, curing compounds, contamination and give the surface profile. Vacuum clean the area before paint application starts.

B. Surface Properties
New Concrete Floors – Maximum moisture content for coating concrete floors is 4%. The concrete normally needs 4 weeks to cure. All contamination on the surface will affect the bonding between the concrete and the floor coating system and have to be removed.
Old Uncoated Concrete Floors – Before working on an old, uncoated concrete you should check for contamination such as oil, grease and chemicals. Remove any contamination with a chemical degreaser

C: Tools For Floor Coating
To successfully carry out the application of Epoxy Coatings, it is necessary to use high quality equipment
that is designed for this particular purpose.

• Epoxy Coating for sealing the concrete surface
• Electrical mixer
• Paint brush for corners
• Roller – Remove loose fibre from the roller with the use of a masking tape.
• Thinners for cleaning

Our professionals can design a solution that meets your specific needs – utilizing our experienced staff, certified applicators and time tested products from trusted manufacturers.

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Epoxy Flooring Cape Town Specialists Can Quote You A Price

Flooring Types
What project are you working on that has you consider epoxy flooring as the best solution? It is certainly an option, but you do know that there are other flooring choices. This is likely a garage, work area or some other type of space where you really don't expect the flooring to be perfect. However, there are reasons why certain types of flooring make better choices. And when you have decided on epoxy flooring Cape Town experts are there to get that floor in place. Are you just needing the epoxy coating, or do you need the entire floor?

Epoxy Flooring Considerations
What are the steps for sealing a floor with an epoxy coating? Is this a cost efficient project that homeowners can take on themselves? I don't know about you, but adding even just a protective epoxy coating isn't something I'm willing to do myself. Each part of the floor is a space you will walk on, and floors can often show their imperfections easily. Let the epoxy coating specialists handle your floor instead.

Epoxy Flooring Costs
When you look at the big picture, a coating like this on an existing floor can really make a difference. Of course, you might be hesitant about the extra cost if you are having the concrete floor or other surface laid and then opting for the epoxy flooring or coating. Always know your costs ahead of time and why they would be worthwhile. In this case, there is a list of benefits that is quite long indeed.

You might know a neighbor or a business owner friend that has this type of flooring. Did you just run into it while you were looking around online? Polyurethane flooring Cape Town specialists are ready to serve you and install the floor that you need in place right now.

In this article, we will discuss epoxy flooring. If you live in Cape Town, perhaps you are interested in utilizing this type of flooring. Epoxy flooring water-based products are foremost in flooring application. Epoxy flooring can be a great choice for businesses and other commercial use. These days, epoxy flooring Cape Town is highly sought-after, as these floors are in high demand due to their functionality and efficiency. Using epoxy flooring is a great way to seal off any concrete foundation. This epoxy resin is applied to cover the floor, conceal, and protect it against corrosion and other general erosion issues. This coating system is highly customizable and can provide a long-lasting surface.

In the past few decades, the chemistry has slightly evolved in the way that this epoxy resin is made. It makes a very high-grade multicolor surface coating system. This type of epoxy flooring is very durable and heat resistant. Epoxy resins can be corrected or adjusted to fit the needs of elasticity or a softer consistency. The sealant you may choose to use in conjunction with this type of surface is a clear adhesive sealant. This seal will help protect the flooring from water damage, as well as scratches. Epoxy flooring Cape Town has become a highly successful industry due to the increase of the popularity of this type of floor. There's an ever-growing market to meet today's demand for epoxy flooring.

In conclusion, if epoxy flooring Cape Town sounds like something that you may be interested in obtaining for your home, we suggest venturing online and doing a little research on where it is available in this area. This will help you to see the different colors and resin consistencies that you could apply to your space. Check out epoxy flooring in Cape Town today.

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